Mead is....Alcohol Made From Honey??

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​​We have gift certificates available for: 
1. Meadery Tour for 2 -10 people with flight of mead ($15 per person)
2. Meadery Tour  for 2-10 people with flight and growler fill ($30 per person)
3. Meadery Tour for 6 or more with chacuterie board, flight and growler fill ($50 per person)
New Year means....
New Meadery Hours: Wed-Fri. 10am-5pm, Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 11am-5pm
Our flagship line of Buzzsaw is a simple traditional mead that uses only honey, water and yeast. Our water is sourced from a local supplier that fits it specifically to our needs. The yeast we use for fermentation gives a hint of tropical, citrus flavor to the mead. The honey is prominent in flavour but not in sweetness as we are bound and determined to break the assumption that honey drinks have to be sweet! Instead, we offer a more dry, refreshing beverage, boasted at an 8% alcohol by volume content, that drinks more like a cider or light beer. Best served ice cold.
As logs come into the sawmill, it falls to the Sawyer to direct how each will be cut into lumber. Skill and intuition guide him in knowing which pieces will yeild the highest grade. In that same spirit, the mead that bears his name is a skillful blend of raw, unprocessed, Alberta honey with noble and new world hops. Our hop combination is strategically added to the batch so as not to make it taste bitter, but instead, more of a floral, hoppy accent to the traditional mead. Sawyer is a delicious gluten free alternative to beer and some would even say it tastes like a cider!
Sougan is our seasonal winter mead. This growler is full of a dry, 9.5% abv, hop infused, mead. The drink is meant to be heated slightly with a beautiful mixture of whole mulling spices and sweetened to taste with Tamarack Jack's own raw honey, that all come as a package. This spin on a normal mulled wine will surely get you in the holiday spirit and warm you to the core like a Sougan, known to lumberjacks as a warm woolen blanket. ​​
Autumn. The season of the axemen. A true axemen took so much pride in his work that he would actually custom fit his own handle to suit himself. Jack's Axe mead is our rendition of axemen pride. Made with our own Alberta honey, Alberta grown squash and a handful of spices, it really captures the autumn senses. Not only will it get you in the spirit at a 10% abv but it is sure to make you think twice about pumpkin spice being a "basic" fall trend!
Made as a limited edition, Jack's Axe is only available while supplies last, so come get your growler filled today! 
For those of you who are new to the mead world, mead is the oldest form of alchol in the history of mankind.  It is the result of a fermentation process using honey! Thats right folks there is no grain or fruits to be found in a traditional mead. This also means....gluten free!
There are many different ideas surrounding the origination of this honey drink. Some say it began in Africa, some say Greece, while others are convinced it was Egyptian or Old Norse. Wherever it began, the world has been enjoying it ever since it's beginning.
From the manliest of men to newlywed brides, mead was the choice.
With our new world spin on a historic recipe, we hope you will enjoy these drinks as much as those of the days of old!

Where can you find Tamarack Jack's Mead?

, Liquor Stores and Restaurant/Pubs: 
  Airdrie, AB
    -Biggies Liquor
​    -Big Star Liquor
    -Corkscrew Charlie's Wine and Spirits 
​    -Everest Wine and Spirits
    -Horseman Liquor Store
    -Peter's Liquor Hub 
    -Platina Liquor
​    -Railway Crossing Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
​    -Sierra Springs Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
    -S&S Liquor Ltd. 
​    -Thumbprint Craft Beer Market
​    -Titan Liquor
    -Resolve Bar and Grill
    -Bowden Liquor Store
   -Auburn Bay Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (310-100 Auburn Meadows Dr.)
   -Beddington Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (8220 Centre St. NE) 
​   -Beer Revolution (1080 8 St. SW)
​   -Bow Liquor (6404 Bowness Rd. NW)
​   -BK Liquor #1 (4708-16 Ave NW)
   -BK Liquor #2 (4814 Centre St. NE)
   -BK Liquor #3 (5608 4 St. NW)
​   -Craft Beer Market (345 10 Ave SW)
​   -Craft Beer Market (#273 100 Anderson Rd. SE)
​   -Craft Cellars (1345-32 Ave. NE)
​   -Creekside Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (106,11998 Symons Valley Rd.)
​   -Dalhousie Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (5505 Shaganappi Trail NW)
​   -Dave's Liquor (1540-16 Ave. NW)​
​   -Deerpoint Liquor Store (14921 Deer Ridge Dr SE)
​   -Domestic Bottle Shop 833 10 Ave. SW)
​   -Douglas Square Crowfoot Wine and Spirits (858,11520-24 St. SE)
​   -Hidden Valley Crowfoot Wine and Spirits (10097 Hidden Valley Dr.)
​   -Kensington Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (41, 2530 Kensington Rd. NW)
​   -Kensington Liquor Cellar (1A 506-10 St. NW)
​   -King's Liquor (2227, 2213 Centre St. NW) or (#4-6219 Centre St. N.)
​   -Kingsland Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (6907 Mcleod Trail SE)
   -Liquor Plex (16 Macewan Dr. NW)
   -Liquorama (8120 Beddington Blvd NW, Unit 314)
   -Macleod Liquor (7112 Macleod Trail SE)
   -Macleod Trail Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (23,8720 Macleod Trail SE)
​   -Metawa Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (535-10 St. SW)
   -Midtown Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (102,1003-11 St. SW)
​   -Mt. Pleasant Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (336-16 Ave NW)
​   -Quarry Park Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (305-163 Quarry Park Blvd.)
​   -Radisson Liquor and Cold Beer (121, 575-28 St. SE)
​   -Redwoods Liquor (5403 Crowchild Trail NW)
   -Richmond Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (4860 Richmond Rd. SW)
​   -Rocky Ridge Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (11595 Rockyvalley Dr NW)
​   -Shawnessy Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (80, 250 Shawville Blvd SE)
   -South Trail Crossing Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (4307 130 Ave. SE)
   -Sundance Wine Market (17 Sunmills Dr. SE)
​   -Taradale Co-op Wine Spirits Beer (300-6520 Falconridge Blvd NE)
​   -Whole Cellars (8-10822 50 St. SE)
   -Willow Park Wine and Spirits (10801 Bonadventure Dr. SE)
   -Wise Guys Liquor (14-2770 32 Ave. NE)
  Carstairs ​​
   -Carstairs Cold Beer and Liquor
​   -Carstairs Liquor 
​  Canmore
​   -Liquor Point
​   -Curly's Cold Beer and Liquor
    -A&B Liquor Store
    -Crossfield Liquor Store
  Drayton Valley
    -Black Cat Liquor Store
​    - Georgia's Liquor
    -The Beer Locker
​  Edmonton
​   -Beer Revolution (11736 104 Ave.)
   -Keg N Cork Liquor Co. (3845 99 St. NW)
   -Sherbrooke Liquor (11819 St. Albert Trail)
​   -Situation Brewing Company (10308 81 Ave. NW)
  Fort Mcleod
​   -Town and Country Liquor Store
​  Grande Prairie
​   -New Horizon Co-op Wine and Spirits
   -Royal Spirits Liquor Store
​   -Vintage Wine and Spirits
​  High River​
   -B Squared Liquor
   -Highwood Wine and Spirits
​   -Montrose Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
     -Co-op Wine and Spirits 
​   -LA Liquor
   -Andrew Hilton Wine and Spirits
   -Coulee Brewing
   -Distilled Liquor Co.
   -Everything Wine and More
   -LA Liquor
   -Norbridge Liquor
​   -Petris Liquor Store
​ Okotoks
   -Okotoks Co-op Wine Spirits Beer 
​  Olds
   -Olds Liquor Mart
​   -Old's Liquor and Beer
 Pincher Creek
​  -Town and Country Liquor Store
​ Ponoka 
​   -Ponoka Liquor House
​   -Side Track Liquor
  Red Deer
​    - Tribe Lounge
    -The Liquor Hutch
    -Plenty of Liquor
    -West 67 Bar and Grill
   The Vault Pub
  Rocky Mountain House
    -Gateway Crossing Co-op Wine and Spirits
    -Olde Smokies BBQ Shack
    -Rocky Liquor Store
    -Co-op Wine and Spirits
​   -Dickson Danish Canadian Museum and Restaurant
​  ​Strathmore
​   -Strathmore Co-op Wine Spirits Beer
    -Co-op Wine and Spirits
    -Cowboy Trail Liquor Store
    -Main Avenue Cold Beer and Liquor
 Sylvan Lake
​   - Hockey Central Sports Lounge
   - Snake Lake Brewing Company
  ​The Viewpoint Lounge
Three Hills
   -Good Knights Medieval Encampment
​ Turner Valley
​   -Turner Valley Liquor Store
Farmer's Markets and Events


  17 - Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7:30pm
  18 - Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
  19 - Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 10-3pm
         Farmers Makers Market @ C Space 10-1pm
         Food and Beverage Expo Lethbridge 5pm-10pm
  20 - 
  21 - 
  22 - 
  23 - Westaskiwin Farmer's Market 10-2pm
  24 - Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7:30
  25 - Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
  26 - Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 10-3pm
           Farmer's Makers Market @C Space 10-1pm
  27 - Viking Raid @ Tamarack Jack's Meadery!
 30-Wetaskiwin Farmer's Market 10-2pm

 1 - Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7
     -Fill Up Friday @ Tamarack Jack's Meadery 
 2- Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 10-3
     - Farmers Markets Market @ CSpace 10-1pm
 3- SuperBowl 2019
 6- Wetaskiwin Farmer's Market 10-2pm
 7- Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7pm
 8-Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
    - Fill up Friday @ Tamarack Jack's Meadery
 9-Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
     -Farmers Makers Market @ CSpace 10-1pm
 10- Meadery Tours
 12- Meet in the Middle Event  featuring Sougan
 13- Wetaskiwin Farmer's Market 10-2pm
 14- Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7pm
       - Mead Pairing @ Olde Smokey's BBQ Shak Rocky Mtn House
 15- Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
      - Fill Up Friday @ Tamarack Jack's Meadery
 16-Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 10-3pm
       -Farmers Makers Market @ CSpace 10-1pm
       -Celebrating Snake Lake Brewing Co. 1st Year Anniversary
 17- Meadery Tours
 20-Wetaskiwin Farmer's Market 10-2pm
 21- Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7pm
 22- Grande Prairie Farmer's Market 4-7pm
      - Fill Up Friday @ Tamarack Jack's Meadery
 23- Grande Prairie Farmer;s Market 10-3pm
       -Farmers Makers Market @ CSpace 10-1pm
        -Medicine Hat Food and Beverage Expo 5-10pm
 24- Meadery Tours
 27 - Wetaskiwin Farmers Market 10-2pm
 28 - Salisbury Farmer's Market 4-7pm
         Alberta Farmer's Market AGM SIPS Event
                                               AND REMEMBER:
We are currently open to call ahead meadery tours! Shoot us a message or give us a call with a date and time you would like to come out. 

​Buzzsaw received 2nd place in the Sparkling Mead
category of the Commercial Mead​ Competition hosted by BCHPA. 
​The event was held in Kelowna BC in October of 2017. 
​      Meaderies all across Canada were invited so we think its a pretty big deal!
In addition, Tamarack Jack's beautiful white honey took third
​out of all the Canadian honey entries in the creamed honey
(Raw and creamed honey were placed in the same​
category for competition.)